Mortar Flow Table

Code: BCE-314

  • Standards:

    • EN 459-2
    • 1015-3
    • ASTM C230
    • EN 13279-2

This hand-driven Flow Table is manufactured for following applications, flow tests of hydraulic cement mortars.

Cast-bronze table for corrosion resistance and long life.

Supplied complete with bronze flow mold.

Table: Cast-bronze: 254 mm diam. , combined weight with shaft: 4.1 ±0.05 kg

Frame.: Heavy-duty construction with cam; produces a 12.7 mm table drop.

Flow Mold: Machined bronze: 69.8 mm top i.d. x 101.6 mm base i.d. x 50.8 mm h.

Product Code Product Name
BCE-314/1 Flow Table Manuel
BCE-314/2 Flow Table Motorised
BCE-314/3 Flow Table Mould



Dimension : 254 mm dia x 254 mm h

Weight App. : 10 kg


besmak material testing