Gyratory Compactor

Code: BAS-505

  • Standards:

    • EN 12697-31
    • AASHTO T312
    • ASTM D6925.

The Gyratory Compactor is used to simulate and reproduce the real compaction conditions achieved under actual road paving operations, hence determining the compaction properties of asphalt.



  • Robust testing device with electro-drive and stiff test chamber.
  • For specimen sizes dia. 100*h. 200mm and dia. 150*250mm.
  • Compression pressure 200 to 1000 kPa speed of Gyration 30 ±0.5 rpm.
  • Digital control unit with user-friendly menu for test parameter setting and calibration.
  • Programmable angle of gyration, operates at internal or external angle.
  • The actual measuring values of gyration number, specimen height, angle and pressure are shown on the display and stored during the compaction process.
  • The device is network compatible and includes an USB data port, the test data can be saved to a USB memory stick or printed directly with the optional printer kit.
  • Built in specimen extruder.

Product Code : BAS-505

Weight : 250 kg


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