Petrol Type Core Drilling Machine

Code: BAS-511

  • Standards:

    • EN 12697-31
    • AASHTO T312
    • ASTM D6925

It has a 6,5Hp Made in USA “Briggs&Stratton” petrol engine. Easy to operate and also easy to transport by fitted wheels.

Consist of the stand, water spray apparatus, and tool kit.

Bits are optional. 

Product Code Product Name
BAS-511/1 Core- Cutter Machine With Fuel Motor
BAS-511/7 2"x400-Core Bit
BAS-511/8 3"x400-Core Bit
BAS-511/9 4"x400-Core Bit
BAS-511/10 6"x 400-Core Bit
BAS-511/11 8"x 400-Core Bit

Motor Power : 6,5Hp

Weight : 85 kg

Dimensions : 435 x 800 x 1050 mm


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