Shrinkage Measuring Device

Code: BGE-678

  • Standards:

    • EN 12808-4
    • EN 1367-4
    • EN 12617-4
    • ASTM C151
    • C157
    • C227
    • C311
    • C341
    • C342
    • C441
    • C452
    • C490
    • C531
    • C596
    • C806
    • C878; BS 1881:5
    • 6073

Length Comparators are used to determine the length changes, shrinkage and expansion on different type of concrete or cement prisms.

The set consists of a length measuring frame with measuring device ((digital length comparator) attached to it and reference rod.

Shrinkage moulds should be ordered separately.

Product Code Product Name
BCE-311/5 Three gang steel moulds 40x40x160 mm
BCO-112/2 Shrinkage Mould for Concrete 25x25x285 mm(Hardened)
BCO-112/3 Shrinkage Mould for Concrete 50x50x200 mm (Hardened)


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