Multi Station Vicat Apparatus, Computer Controlled

Code: BCE-T/

  • Standards:

    • AASHTO T131
    • EN 196-3
    • EN 480-2
    • DIN 1164
    • BS4550

Computer-controlled Vicat needle apparatus with various test stations positioned in a rectangular water bath

The Computer-controlled, Vicat Apparatus can be used to determine the initial and final setting time of cement, mortar pastes and gypsum.

Multi-station apparatus automatically monitors the setting process and provides output curves of the process.

The test sequence is programmable and tests can be performed in air or in the supplied, temperature-controlled water bath.

With programmed test sequences, the unit provides automatic registration of initial set and final set times, as well as providing setting plots of the entire sequence. 

Product Code Product Name
BCE-T/1.0306 Automatic Vicat Recording Apparatus EN 196-3
BCE-T/1.0366 PC Controlled Vicat Needle Apparatus, 6 stations, EN 196-3
BCE-T/1.0366.ASTM PC Controlled Vicat Needle Apparatus, 6 stations, ASTM C191
BCE-T/1.0368 PC Controlled Vicat Needle Apparatus, 12 stations, EN 196-3




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