Automatic Car Scan System with Active Thermography

Code: BMT-CarScan

BMT-CarScan series Automatic Car Scan System with Active Thermography,, detects damage by scanning the vehicle without leaving any traces or damage. It is a robotic system and can perform 5-axis scanning.

System consists of; active thermography system with image processing technology, power generators group, scanning robot system with 5-axis movement capability, software, and steel construction.  

Active thermography system: It includes 2 flash lamps with 6000 joule energy, 2 halogen lamps, high performance camera scanning system with Infrared Camera and NUC Computer, power generator group that suitable to supply 12000 joule energy.

Scanning Robot System: It has a structure that can provide automatic movement according to the vehicles defined by the robot system with 5-axis movement capability. Thanks to this feature, it performs an automatic scan according to the vehicle information.

Software: By scanning the entire outer surface of the vehicle, it can reflect damage detection results with high precision and accuracy on the screen. It is a system repeatable method that gives precise results in a short time. It has the feature of recording data in the computer and automatic reporting.

It leaves no marks or damage on the device with non-contact measurement. It is a fully automatic non-destructive inspection method thanks to its structure that does not cause any deformation. Also systems come with all neccessary accesorries.

Steel Construction: 7220mm x 6750mm x 3900mm (lxwxh)


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