Xenon Max Disinfection System

Code: BDS-XM

Our disinfection device incorporates both UV-C and infrared beam wavelengths utilizing Xenon Pulse Flash Lamp technology. It disrupts the DNA/RNA structures of all microorganisms, rapidly disinfecting areas in a very short period.

This solution is the most cost-effective, rapid, and efficient method capable of eliminating various viruses (such as COVID-19, Ebola, Influenza, etc.), bacteria, and pathogens like fungi.

It is suitable for use in high-traffic areas with frequent human circulation, such as hospitals, hotels, and shopping malls.

While manual cleaning typically requires around 90 minutes, BESMAK XENONMAX achieves a more thoroughly disinfected environment in just 5 minutes. Considering human life, it proves to be a highly economical and user-friendly solution.

Manual cleaning often fails to reach all areas and doesn't guarantee comprehensive disinfection.

The system incurs minimal personnel and labor costs, making it a highly cost-efficient solution.

Moreover, it leaves no chemical residues that pose a threat to human health on treated surfaces.

BESMAK XENONMAX is the highest antiseptic (germ-killing) system.

Thanks to its design, it provides a precise 360-degree solution for eliminating microorganisms present both on surfaces and suspended in the environment. Various functional controls, such as operational settings and duration, can be easily managed via the LCD screen.

Research Findings: In 2014, a hospital in Texas employed this technology to disinfect the premises following an Ebola incident. An equivalent system is utilized in 500 US hospitals, including those combatting the COVID-19 virus in Nebraska and California. Research indicates a decrease not only in deaths caused by various health infections but also in fatalities related to conditions like AIDS, cancer, and traffic accidents. To minimize the risk of infection in areas of frequent public use—such as healthcare facilities, transportation sectors, hotels, and shopping malls—BESMAK XENONMAX ensures the disinfection of these spaces.

A study conducted in China revealed that utilizing wavelengths ranging from 100 nm to 400 nm, with a frequency of 2 Hz and a 6-minute operation time, resulted in 100% effectiveness against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

General Areas of Usage: Primarily in the transportation, healthcare, tourism, accommodation, and food sectors, it finds suitability for application in hospitals, hotels, metros, buses, airplanes, cars, private patient rooms, food packaging lines, ambulances, dormitories, nursing homes, gyms, and more.


Product Code Product Name
BDS-XM/1ROOM XENON MAX  Room Disinfection System  (1 Xenon Lamp-48 m²)
BDS-XM/2ROOM XENON MAX  Room Disinfection System  (2 Xenon Lamp-48 m²)
BDS-XM/3ROOM XENON MAX  Room Disinfection System  (3 Xenon Lamp-48 m²)
BDS-XM/4ROOM XENON MAX  Room Disinfection System  (4 Xenon Lamp-48 m²)
BDS-XM / Baggage XENON MAX Baggage Disinfection System
BDS-XM/MOBILE XENON MAX Mobile Disinfection System (For Tablet, Computer, Money and Mobile Phone etc)
BDS-XM/AIR XENON MAX Air Disinfection System


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