Servo Electromechanical UTM (Single Column) for Cement Compression/Flexural Test

Code: BMT-ES

  • Standards:

    • ISO
    • ASTM
    • BS
    • DIN
    • EN
    • AFNOR

BESMAK® BMT-E series Universal Testing Machine designed with a rigid frame in Column type construction. Can perform tensile, compression, bend, creep, and cyclic tests on all raw materials and finished goods. These testing instruments are engineered for precision, built for durability, and offer flexibility for changing requirements. They are designed with features that increase testing efficiency and improve the testing experience for the operator.

  • Convenient working height and ergonomic controls improve operator productivity and comfort
  • Remote control unit with Live Display, Soft keys and Specimen Protect for enhanced usability and productivity
  • High precision load measurement with sensitive load cell class 0.5
  • Load Cells can be replaced according to different load ranges to make much more accurate and sensitive measurements
  • Load measurement resolution is 24 bit
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Mechanical Grips
  • Deflectometer, Compresometers
  • Special Testing Fixtures
  • Fastener Fixtures
  • Custom Made Fixtures for special applications
  • Thousands of accessories to meet test requirements in almost any application or industry:

● Biomedical

● Automotive

● Electronics

● Plastics

● Metals

● Composites

● Elastomers

● Aerospace

● Textiles

and many more...

Product Code Product Name
BMT-0.1ES Servo-Electromechanical Universal Test Machine, 0,1 kN Capacity
BMT-1ES Servo-Electromechanical Universal Test Machine, 1 kN Capacity
BMT-2.5ES Servo-Electromechanical Universal Test Machine, 2,5 kN Capacity
BMT-5ES Servo-Electromechanical Universal Test Machine, 5 kN Capacity
BMT-10ES Servo-Electromechanical Universal Test Machine, 10 kN Capacity

BESMAK Servo Electromechanical, Universal Testing Machine, single column bench-top design, can work tensile, compression and bending etc. tests and can work on both displacement and load control mode.

Load measurement and control, with a load cell of class 0.5, 1 kHz data accusation Close-loop electronic controller “SEMATRON V3”, Crosshead moving speed (mm/min): 0.001-500.

The electronic control unit of machine has 1000 samples per second data acquisition speed. Accurate synchronization between frame and sensors will be done/controlled by advanced PID or close loop configuration. Electronic control unit has total 5 channels (2 analogue, 3 digital). Due to these channels electronic control unit can control different sensors at same time. 

Electronic control unit is feasible to attach and control clip-on extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, automatic extensometer, strain gauge, load cell, and encoder type sensors.

User can read and control each attached sensor with control unit, for example; 2nd load cell, LVDTs and extensometers. can perform load and displacement controlled test, position measurement and control with position encoder of 1 micron resolution, adjustable displacement control in between 0.001 - 500 mm/min, standard testing software shows real time data with graph, result can be transferred to Excel format(Raw Values) or pdf format (report format). Power supply 220V, 50/60 Hz.


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