Direct Digital Shear Apparatus

Code: BSO-221

  • Standards:

    • ASTM D3038
    • BS 1377;7
    • AASHTO T236
    • BS-1377-7

This test is used to determine the shear strength of a soil sample subjected to orthogonal stress with respect to the failure plane. The sample is enclosed within a robust metal box horizontally split into two halves and provided with a vertical plunger. The shearing stress is created by imposing a movement of the lower half of the shear box, whilst applying a static load to the load plunger. In the more refi ned machines, called “controlled displacement equipment”, the variables that may be measured during the test are as follows: vertical strain, horizontal strain, shearing stress whilst the vertical force and displacement speed are kept absolutely constant.

Digital direct shear box, floor mounted with carriage assembly and load hanger with 10:1 lever loading device.


To accept the following sample sizes:

• 60mm diameter

• 60mm square

• 100mm diameter

• 100mm square

• 2.5 inch diameter



• Microprocessor controlled digital stepper motor

• Control via the digital display with keyboard

• Return datum facility

• Fully steplessly variable speed over the range of 0.00001 to 9.99999mm/minute

• RS232 port

• Forward/reverse travel limit switches

• Will accept either analogue or digital measuring devices



Load Ring 3 kN capacity,

Shear box set 60 mm²,

Shear box set 100 mm²,

Extrusion tool,

Dial Gauge 0,002 mm precision for vertical,

Dial Gauge 0,01 mm precision for horizontal.

Weight Set 50 kg,

Weight hanger,

Product Code Product Name
BSO-221 Direct Digital Shear Test Set
BSO-221/2 Digital Direct Shear Test Machine
BSO-221/D60 The test sample for 60 mm diameter
BSO-221/S60 The test sample for 60 mm square
BSO-221/D100 The test sample for 100 mm diameter
BSO-220/S100 The test sample for 100 mm square
BSO-220/S500 The test sample for 500 mm square




Device Weight: 90 kg


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