CBR Mould Set

Code: BSO-209

  • Standards:

    • ASTM D1883
    • AASHTO T193
    • BS 1377
    • 1924

ASTM; 6” (152,4 mm) dia. x 7” (177,8 mm) height

BS; 152 mm dia. x 127 mm height

Consists of perforated base plate, imperforated base plate, frame, collar, 2.27 kg split surcharge weight and vane disc. Completely galvanised. 

Product Code Product Name
BSO-209 CBR 
BSO-209/1 CBR Mould Set ASTM
BSO-209/2 CBR Mould Set BS
BSO-209/2.1 CBR Test Rod
BSO-209/2.2 CBR Stabilizing Bar
BSO-209/5 CBR Solid Baseplate
BSO-209/9 CBR Filter Paper




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