Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge

Code: BSO-H/HS-5001EZ-2

  • Standards:

    • ASTM D6938
    • D2950
    • C1040
    • AASHTO T310

Features of the 5001-EZ-2 Nuclear Gauge:

•        LARGE Backlite LCD Display - Easily readable in bright sunlight LCD Type, TFT; Normal Black

•        Light Emitting Sensor for Backlight

•        Temperature Sensor - Automatically records Ambient Temperature

•        3D Accelerometer – Turns unit off on motion of gauge to conserve battery

•        Multi-Language – English, French, Spanish

•        Micro SD card stores 2GB test Data. 250 tests per Project

•        USB Port for Test Data Download and Firmware Updates

•        GPS equipped for recording of Test Location.

•       QR-code driven cellular phone App – for immediate data upload.

•        Operates on 6 “AA” Alkaline batteries that last up to 1200 hours (NO CHARGING)

Weight:  41 kg 

Dimensions:  81x41x51 cm  


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