Servo Hydraulic Universal Spring Testing Machine

Code: BMT-SP

  • Standards:

    • EN 13597

Spring testers are used to check the quality and performance of springs and ensure that they meet specific requirements.

Designed in a double-column structure, the Universal Testing Machine can perform a wide range of dynamic tests such as low and high cycle fatigue on various springs in accordance with standards. Thanks to its advanced technology, it provides precise force measurement and control even at low forces. Spring testing systems are equipped with advanced features of the SEMATRON Controller, Dynamic Testing Software and unique fatigue rating load cells. This dynamic system, when combined with BESMAK® Universal™ Dynamic Testing Software and appropriate accessories, is ideal for running a variety of static tensile, dynamic, fatigue, compression, bending, peel, tear and friction and many more tests.

Single or multi-station test systems can be developed upon request.

The testing system consists of a low-friction double-acting actuator, 500 mm actuator stroke, adjustable cross head, a hydraulic control unit equipped with servo valve, electronic control unit, air-cooled heat exchanger system and bidirectional high-rigidity testing frame. -column design.


The testing system consists of a double-column adjustable cross-head type rigid frame. The actuator is mounted on the upper cross head of the frame. The testing framework is suitable for dynamic testing.

Load Measurement and Control:

The testing system comes with a high-precision load cell for load measurement and control. The test system is suitable for load-controlled tests with class 1 according to EN 7500-1 standard. Load cell calibration can be done between 1% and 10% of maximum capacity.

Displacement Measurement and Control:

The testing system comes with an SSI type non-contact electromagnetic linear displacement sensor with a measurement and control resolution of 1 micron. The displacement sensor responds very quickly. The displacement sensor is built into the actuator for high accuracy. Displacement controlled test speed is suitable from 0.01 mm/s to 10 mm/s.

Electronic Control Unit:

The test system comes with a special closed-loop controlled electronic control unit. The electronic control unit of the system has a data collection speed of 1000 samples per second. Correct synchronization between the frame and sensors will be done/controlled by advanced PID or closed loop configuration. The electronic control unit has a total of 5 channels: 2 internal, 2 external and 1 RS232/485. Thanks to these channels, the electronic control unit can control up to 7 numbers. sensors simultaneously. It is possible to install and control video extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, automatic extensometer, strain gauge, load cell, SSI and TTL type sensors with the electronic control unit. Special Eeprom sensor plugs can store calibration and sensor data. Thanks to this feature, the control unit can read sensor and calibration data even if the user installs a new unit. The user can read and control each connected sensor with the control unit; 2. load cell, LVDTs and extensometers.

Handheld Unit:

The test system comes with a remote control unit. The user can move the actuator up and down with this remote control unit without using a PC during the installation of samples on the test frame. The movement and speed of the actuator can be controlled easily, precisely, accurately and safely.

Testing Software:

The Test System comes with BESMAK's advanced Universal Test Software. BESMAK universal software has a user-friendly interface. The user can perform sinusoidal, triangular, quadratic and ramp loading operations. The user can also write his own test procedure. The test result can be exported to Excel format (Raw Values) or PDF format (report format).

Hydraulic power unit:

The system consists of a high flow advanced hydraulic Power Unit, an electric motor driven gear type hydraulic pump, a smooth and high flow rate, manifold and pressure limiting valve, oil tank, necessary fittings and hose. The hydraulic power unit is equipped with a high-response and sensitive servo valve. The hydraulic power unit is also equipped with an air-cooled heat exchanger. The test system is suitable for load and displacement controlled spring tests. The system is suitable for operation with 380 V, 50 Hz.


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