Manhole Cover Test Machine


  • Standards:

    • EN 19174

Designed with a four-column structure, Besmak Manhole Cover Test Machine perform bearing capacity and deformation tests on manhole covers made of various materials in accordance with standards. Thanks to its advanced technology, it provides precise force measurement and control even at low forces. This system, when combined with BESMAK® Universal™ Testing Software and appropriate accessories, is ideal for running a variety of tests in tensile, compression, bending and more.

Product Code Product Name
BMT-600MHC Manhole Cover Test Machine, 600kN Capacity
BMT-1000MHC Manhole Cover Test Machine, 1000kN Capacity

Manhole Cover Testing Machine, Single test area , 4 columns type rigid load frame with single long test space to perform compression test of manhole covers. Machine is equipped with a, frame, hydraulic unit, digital control unit, software, electronic unit and double acting special low friction piston

Load Measurement: The load measurement and control is carried  with class 1 or better, due to the accurate load measurement system.

Hydraulic Unit: Advanced hydraulic unit with multi-piston hydraulic pump driven by electrical motor, smooth and high flow rate, with manifold and pressure limit valve, oil tank, comes with necessary joints and hose.

Control Unit: Control unit of machine is “Sematron Touch Series” advanced controller,  piston release load automatically at sample break, feasible for simple strength test – ramp loading – 1kHz data acquisition and control capability which allows accuracy in control and reading load, special close loop (PID) control with double loop, automatic gain feature for different sensors, automatic calibration function.

Display Unit: Display of machine is 10inch touch screen LCD with capacitive touch, easy to use - user friendly built-in software, ready to use without any PC, 4 GB (extendable) internal memory to save test graphics and settings, USB port to transfer results from LCD, USB port to connect machine with internet and PC, communication between control unit (Sematron Touch Series) by USB, save results in pdf and excel format, print result feature directly from LCD, Email results directly from LCD, software update feature by USB, all possible measuring units are available (N, kN, kg, lb etc.), automatic zero point correction, high control stability, password protected calibration menu, password protected user levels to avoid change in settings by operator. 

PC Software: Machine comes with a PC software which allows controlling machine with computer, PC software allows same features and menus with display unit.


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