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In the construction sector soil, asphalt, concrete, aggregates, cement, rock mechanics and construction materials for quality control testing laboratories aimed to provide high quality products using advanced technology and experience since it was established. In this way it’s been one of the pioneering company in the international sector.

Our company imports, exports and technical support and has been producing hi-tech CNC machines on the 6300 m closed area. We keep going R D with our experienced engineers and we produced new design products in sector. Also electronic control units and software design made by our company too.

The large part of our productions produced to leading companies in their respective fields at the mainly United States and European countries. In addition, laboratory equipments has been supplied by us to the public and private sector institutions in Turkey and has accomplished many great projects. We also provide services; State Hydraulic Works, General Directorate for Highways, General Directorate of Public Works headquarters and area offices, engineering faculties of universities and scientific institutions and organizations.

As well as our production, We’re the representative of largest companies in industry which are the active in many countries around the world and sales of Construction Laboratory Testing Equipments. we’re the authorized service of Nuclear Testing Tool which is used to measure density and moisture. We’ve licensed calibration blocks and provide repair and calibration services.

Why us


Besmak stands out for its expertise in the field, leveraging extensive knowledge and experience to address challenges and provide top-notch service to customers.

Superior Quality

The company adheres to superior quality standards in its products and services, ensuring reliability and satisfying outcomes for customers.

R&D and Innovation

Besmak places significant emphasis on research and development, continuously tracking new technologies and aiming to lead the industry with innovative approaches, leading to more effective solutions.

Advanced Technology

Utilizing cutting-edge and advanced technology, Besmak enhances its services and products, boosting efficiency and offering customers solutions based on the latest technological advancements. This enables Besmak to swiftly adapt to industry innovations, gaining a competitive edge.

Three steps of our process

Each step in the material testing process is interconnected and indispensable for ensuring the reliability, durability, and safety of materials used in diverse industries. Collaboration, precision, and adherence to standards are the cornerstones that underpin these essential phases.



This phase sets objectives, defines testing methods, and aligns criteria for evaluation. It involves material selection, property identification, and standard alignment through collaborative efforts.



Here, detailed procedures, equipment selection, and testing conditions are crafted. Precision is crucial to simulate real-world scenarios accurately.



The execution phase involves rigorous testing based on established protocols. Accurate data collection and analysis validate material quality and suitability for intended applications.