Uniaxial and Traxial Compression Machine

Building Materials Testing Systems

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  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BRC-707/3
  • Standards:ASTM D2850, ASTM D4767, BS 1377:8

Besmak provides an extensive line of triaxial testing equipment solutions for today’s soil labs. At the heart of our triaxial testing equipment is the Humboldt Concept of providing a modular system of interchangeable, stand-alone components that when combined creates highly-versatile systems. This modular concept allows you to easily create a custom solution for your needs, as well as having the ability of taking advantage of upgrades and new technology, while not being locked into an obsolete proprietary system. Presented below and on the following pages are three triaxial systems based around our HM-3000 and HM-2900 load frames.