Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category: Materials Testing Systems
  • Code: BMT-S
  • Standards:TS EN ISO 6892-1, TS EN ISO 7500-1

Servo valve is located in the heart of servo hydraulic Materials Testing System. Operating logic of the servo hydraulic system is, hydraulic pump send the pressurized oil to servo valve. Control unit send command to servo valve to release the oil to system, only as required.

In these systems a very high load is also accessible. Load range is as; 400kN, 600kN, 800kN, 1000kN, 1500kN, and 2000kN. On special orders load could reach to a very high value.

Consists of, four columns rigid frame without welding and very quite working hydraulic unit. Different sizes of samples could be tested due to a wide range in dimensions. Minimum piston stroke is 500mm on this frame.

Jaws system is hydraulic which could be v type or other according to test requirements. A remote control allows controlling of sample insertion in jaws and accurate positioning. Such operations are quite, easy and time saving for operator.

Position and elongation, controlled by SSI type position sensor located inside the piston with 1µm resolution in a precise way.

Load measurement and control is also very sensitive. Load cells used in our system are of class %±0.5 and the electronic control unit with resolution of ± 180,000 steps gives a step ahead to our machines from ISO-7500-1 standard and guarantee class ±0.5.